The green feed revolution

A sustainable biotech solution - a carbon negative process - for feed and food industries by utilising multiple benefits and opportunities in microalgae.

Local production - Local supply - Local feed - Global strategy



The Story

AlgeNatura is a joint venture of Algǽ and SagaNatura that together decided to create an microalgae production company serving the feed production industry. The company is building large-scale industrial facilities to produce microalgae to be included in poultry and aquaculture feed. We have a unique, carbon negative and scalable phototrophic technology. A tube feed supply producing a healthy protein and EPA/DHA rich feed.

Image by Jeremy Zero

Research & Discoveries

Current Areas of Study

Free Range Chicken Farm
Pack of Fish
Frozen Land

Current Research Project

Upcoming Research Project

New algae strings for fish feed

Ongoing Research Project

Arctic gold


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